Insitu: Weeks Three and Four

Onboarding is over and I'm on to the real work. Time for things to get hard.

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Untitled Posts in Jekyll

A couple weeks ago I read a thought-provoking post by Fiona Voss, a fellow C.S. student at Oregon State. The crux of the post was this: writing blog posts without titles reduces friction and makes writing easier. So how could I put it to use in my own writing?

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This is a short post designed to illustrate Jekyll’s capability for microblogging. There’s not much to it, but that’s the point.

Insitu: Weeks One and Two

Back in December, I accepted an internship offer at Insitu, a company that designs and builds unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). In the spirit of making my learning visible, I’ll be writing a brief post every week or two on what I’m doing, learning, and thinking.

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Class Report: Calculus III and IV (MTH 253 and 254)

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I started taking math classes again this winter. Here's what I've learned in the process.

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